Beyond Essential Oils – Supplements – Post 5

After you clean out all the junk and toxins from your system, add some well-rounded support with The Basic supplements. The supplements are also great for those who have no idea where to start and want all-around support. So if you know anyone that wants to get started on a health and wellness protocol, this would be a good place to start.

These four supplements are cost-effective and convenient solutions to incorporate additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your daily routine. We would have to eat a LOT of healthy food to get all these nutrients! They are each infused with unique essential oils to increase bioavailability which helps stretch your dollar and support your body to the fullest!

This is where my journey truly began. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Lindsey Elmore speak in Phoenix. She is a pharmacist, chemist, and world-renowned authority on health and wellness education.  She said two comments that had an big impact on me . . .

. . . . . . . .“Sometimes you just have to say to yourself, ‘I don’t know why this works; I just know that I feel better when I’m taking it’” . . . . this was so true for me! I just feel better:)

. . . . . . . . “If you think you are allergic to Sulfur, check again. You are actually allergic to SULFA. Sulfur is actually the eighth most abundant element in our bodies.”

Good health starts at the cellular level. Sulfurzyme contains MSM, a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur needed by our bodies every day to maintain the structure of proteins, protect cells and cell membranes, replenish the connections between cells, and preserve the molecular framework of connective tissue.

It also contains NingXia wolfberries, which are going to help free radicals get out of your body.  Wolfberries contain minerals and coenzymes that support the assimilation and metabolism of Sulfur.

Together, MSM and Wolfberries create a new concept in helping to  balance the immune system and support almost every major function of the body.


Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are among the best of the “good” fats. OmegaGize 3 offers a combination of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D-3 and CoQ10 combined with DHA fish oil and a blend of essential oils.

Volumes of research confirm that omega-3 fats reduce systemic inflammation and support cardiovascular, joint, eye, and brain health.

While eating more fish is one way to consume these essential fatty acids, it is important to note that fish are often polluted with mercury and other toxins – and you would have to eat a lot of fish on a regular basis to get the same benefits as OmegaGize3. The fish oil complex in OmegaGize3 is derived from some of the cleanest water on the planet.

We say it over and over again . . . A healthy gut is SO important to overall health. Most people would benefit from eating fermented foods daily – like sauerkraut, kin-chee, kombucha, yogurt – as many people may be deficient in this area . . . Life 9 to the rescue!

These probiotics help by introducing live bacteria to balance and create healthy gut flora so your gut can do all the amazing things it is supposed to do . . . Absorb the nutrients! Life 9 combines 17 billion live cultures from nine beneficial bacteria strains. It helps promote healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for the overall support of a healthy immune system.

You might be amazed to see how quickly you start to feel a change in how you feel emotionally and physically every day once you start taking Life 9 …. I know my son was surprised!


Finishing off the Basic protocol . . . If you want to choose an “All Star” for daily supplementation, Master Formula would be the winner!  It’s a combination of all things amazing.

Master Formula is a full-spectrum, premium multi-nutrient supplement providing vitamins, minerals, and food-based nutrients to help naturally support general health and well-being for both men and women.

It contains four separate capsules in individual pre-packaged daily packets. Young Living has developed a unique delivery system known as the SSI Process (Synergistic Suspension Isolation), by which ingredients are delivered in three distinct delivery forms making it easy for your body to absorb and utilize all the nutrients.

Master Formula promotes healthy cell regeneration, and supports your gut which will then support balanced emotions, brain, heart, eye, liver, immune, joint health, and total body wellness.

In the next installment, we will discuss how to Get Your Vitamins.

But again, let me put up my DISCLAIMER! Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or health professional. I am not here to diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe for any illness or disease. I am not an EXPERT.  I am simply someone who has successfully used Young Living products for myself and my family. My goal is to tell you about Young Living supplements so that you too can see the value of incorporating them into your daily wellness plan. I always encourage you to do the research for yourself!

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