Creating A Healthy Home

You’ve been in a “stay-at-home” mandate by your State government now for about a month. Things are starting to feel weirdly normal . . . is this the “new normal”? Let’s talk about keeping your space clean and healthy, so we know we are living our best lives ever!

A home should be a place of refuge, a place where you and your loved ones feel comfortable, protected, and happy … a sanctuary from the outside world. At the core of this is a sense of safety and security, an environment of peace that comes from knowing that your home is filled with people and products you trust.

With so many under-regulated and misleading household cleaning products on the market, knowing what is safe and what isn’t is overwhelming. Let me reassure you that a sparkling clean home doesn’t require harsh chemicals. In fact, those chemicals may leave behind residue that is even more harmful than a little soap scum.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up one and live with the other. There is an ever-increasing number of effective cleaning solutions that don’t include toxic ingredients ~ you just have to be informed about what to look for. A great place to start is to commit to not buying products that include ingredients on a list available online called the Stockholm Convention Dirty Dozen. When you choose to purchase products from companies that make eco-friendly and naturally derived solutions, you’re supporting a world where humans and nature live together in harmony ~ the way it was meant it to be!

Skip label reading altogether and make the cleaning solutions yourself! You can make many easy DIY formulas from ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. DIY cleaning staples include vinegar, baking soda, citrus fruit, salt, borax, and, of course! Young Living essential oils♥

But instead of spending your time DIY-ing, why not try Young Living naturally derived cleaning products? They’ve already taken the guess work out of the label. Young Living is committed to helping you find happiness, harmony, and health in your home.  That’s why they created a line of naturally derived Thieves® household cleaning products. It takes the recipes, measuring, and guesswork out of non-toxic cleaning. Whenever you use these products, you’ll feel great knowing they’re safe to use around everyone in the family, including kids and pets.

For more information, or to try a sample of Thieves® Household Cleaner, contact me through my website or my email . . . for the health of it!

Stay safe and well! Cindi♥

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