Diffusing Essential Oils

I purchased my first Young Living essential oils kit in 2008, mostly, at the time, to use in my new massage therapy practice. Then I began researching, and realized the limitless potential, benefits, and therapeutic value that essential oils can bring when you add them into your everyday life. Many people are surprised when they discover how helpful diffusion can be. Diffusing essential oils will help to support our bodies’ healthy systems, will help lift our moods, and help us get a restful night’s sleep.

Cold-air diffusing is one of the most common ways to use essential oils. Cold-air diffusers lift the aromatic droplets into the air where they can stay suspended for hours. As you breathe in the aromatic essential oils, your limbic system responds to them.

Young Living Essential Oils can help make your home a sanctuary and a healthy retreat. The air you breathe is as important as any of the food you eat. With Young Living’s oils, you can actually change the air in your home – not just mask the odors or change the smell! One of my favorite diffuser recipes is called “So Fresh & So Clean”: 4 Drops of Young Living Purification, 4 Drops of Young Living Thieves into distilled water in your diffuser . . . what a fresh and clean smell for your home! And so healthy, too!

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