Therapies Offered

We will endeavor to create a session that is tailored to meet your needs for stress reduction and relaxation to help you achieve optimum wellness ~ physically, emotionally, and spiritually ~ so you can be the best you can be!


One of the primary ways of using essential oils is through massage-touch to increase blood and lymph flow, move waste products from tissues, increase relaxation and ease tension. Meanwhile, the release of the oils’ aromas supports balancing one’s state of mind.

We use only pure, therapeutic-grade Young Living Essential Oils with their Seed-to-Seal promise of purity.

Massage Therapy:

The most familiar form of body work, Swedish massage uses techniques that soothe tired muscles with pressure ranging from light to moderate. It increases circulation which reduces stress, relieves pain and tension, and creates overall well-being. During a massage session, Body Insight, a neuromuscular soft tissue manipulation, will be used as needed as deep tissue massage to assist in increasing flexibility and range of motion.


This is an ancient and unique method of working on the reflex areas of the feet and hands which corresponds to all of the glands, organs, and body parts. It relieves stress and tension, improves the blood supply, and promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses, thus helping the body to achieve balance.

Raindrop Technique:

This technique uses massage along with therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils to support the immune system and balance energy leading to a lifting of the spirit, restoring a sense of calm, and supporting the ability to concentrate. A wonderful form of healing massage and aromatherapy.

Hot Stone Therapy:

Using hot stones allows for penetrating heat to begin almost immediately to soothe the nervous system and melt away the effects of stress, allowing circulation to increase while irritating toxins are flushed away in order for healing nutrients to flow into the muscles.

Guided Meditation and Reflexology:

Combining two stress reducing therapies into one session enables the body to slip into total relaxation in a very short amount of time. Each 45 minute session takes you on a journey to refocus your mind, emotions and spirit, while Reflexology points are manipulated to increase circulation and soothe the nervous system.

Chakra Balancing is a form of energy work using subtle massage techniques over the seven major Chakra points, as well as Young Living Essential Oils to support and balance personal energy flow leading to optimum health and wellness.